individual and group

We specialize in preparing for R.C.M. exams, festivals, university auditions.

We organize two/three students’ recitals per year

RCM Guide for Parents                                              Guide to RCM Examinations

I met Larissa at a music festival, where she accompanied me. Little did I know how drastically my views on music, and life, would be impacted by this amazing woman. For ten years, she pushed me to excel and achieve my goals, encouraging me to explore all music. Ironically, the less conventional pieces were my greatest successes. But I wouldn’t have tried them if not for Larissa; or I would have given up. Her creative interpretation always helped me understand each piece and fall in love with it. We’ve shared many laughs, and even more tears during lessons, and I don’t regret any of it. When I stopped taking lessons, it suddenly hit me – it was too late, music was already ingrained in me. I felt empty without it, without that hour with Larissa. Quicker than a 64th note, I was back at the piano. I’ve always admired Larissa’s dedication, passion and enjoyment of music and I now try to pass it on to my students. Larissa has been a great influence on me, and helped me to become who I am. Its an honour to be her student, and have shared her music. I will never forget it. – Evelyn Z.