Neurologic Music Therapy

Neurologic Music Therapy

Neurologic music therapy uses an evidence-based approach and is defined as

“the therapeutic application of music to cognitive, affective, sensory, language, and motor dysfunctions due to disease

or injury to the human nervous system” (Thaut, Macintosh, & Hoemberg, 2014, p. 2).

Neurologic music therapy is based on neuroscience of music and brain function and uses music as the sensory language

hat can retrain the brain (Thaut, Macintosh, & Hoemberg, 2014, p. 6).

The evidence-based concept of living in the here and now (LITHAN) is one of many techniques using in neurologic music therapy

to improve memory and enable focused attention on a stimulus from the environment of everyday life (Thaut & Gardiner, 2014, p. 261).

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