Music Together Music Therapy

Music Together Music Therapy

Music Together Within Therapy® is a program designed to be implemented with children and families in individual therapy and very small therapy groups.

Providers have access to Music Together’s award winning songs and materials to use in therapy sessions in accordance with their profession’s

scope of practice and client’s assessed treatment goals.

Families receive materials for use at home, including a home program, designed by the therapist, to support the client’s progress and continued development.


Music Together Within Therapy® can be implemented anywhere therapy happens: in the hospital at bedside, in a school, in a clinic, or in the home.

Some clinicians offer Music Together Within Therapy® as a group based alternative for their clinic-based families who require additional positive parenting experience.

Other clinicians travel to clients’ homes to provide services in accordance with early intervention or wrap-around services.

Still more clinicians partner with existing Music Together centers to offer individual therapy services for children who are not yet ready for the large group family class experience.

Music Together Within Therapy®